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Tennis Set - Deco Net

Place two of these down on the tennis court "rugs" found below as they're designed to fit that, to create your deco tennis court.  Put tennis players on court from

download net

Tennis Set - Deco Umpire Chairs

Non-functioning umpire chairs to complete the look of your tennis courts should you want to do any tournament storyboarding.  Also good for lifeguard duty.

green | brown

Tennis Set - tennis court "rugs"

eight 4-rotation "rugs" for a synthetic mini court
look that is good in all four rotations.

Eight 4-rotation "rugs"

8 rug set is a voluntary donation item due to size.

Tennis Set - balls

Well the courts are too neat without some tennis clutter,
so I made some tennis balls that can be placed on the
floor or on tables or counter tops in your tennis pro
shops.  I believe UL is required.

Tennis Balls

Tennis Set - 2 working rackets

Two working tennis rackets.  BNJ made these and they're offered here with permission.  Please follow directions inside zips README files and you'll see the animation files must go in GameData/Skins and object IFFs can go into Downloads.

BNJ Tennis Rackets

tennis pro shop

Is any tennis pro shop complete without some paintings depicting tennis name brands?  I think not.

3 paintings in one zip file


My exbike!
A wonderful gift from Reny's Sim Concept

I may animate this in the future but lately I've been
doing some other stuff, so this is just deco right now,
but it's 4 rotation and just as nice as my real bike,
which I should go ride right now, hehe


Gone Fishin` Summer Set

The fish and pelican sculpture started the whole idea
and before you knew it, I got a set going.  The water
puddle underneath the fish is semi-transparent, so it
looks good on any surface.

download fish/pelican sculpture

Deco Oars

These painted decorative oars look great in your
nautical themed lots indoor/outdoors - it's all good.
These oars may require Superstar.


download deco oars

Fish Cleaning Table

Cloned from chess table so as you go along the number of fish changes or you can "enchant" the fish table and they'll appear and disappear rapidly.  You gain the logic of the fish as you clean them. Joinable, requires Makin' Magic.

download fish cleaning table

Gone Fishin' Rowboat

This rowboat is hand drawn and although it's a rug base,
it can go on the water or land and your sims won't walk through it or use it for anything, it's just decorative.

download rowboat

Gone Fishin' Tackle Boxes

There's a playable tacklebox (dollhouse) and a decorative tacklebox (up on the "end table" piling) and the end table piling to set things on, like tackle boxes or lamps or such.  The teal deco box may require UL.

playable tackle | deco tackle | end table piling

Gone Fishin' Poles

Here's an adult fishing pole complete with hanging fish and
a kids fishing pole complete with yellow plastic fish, leaning up against some pilings for your fishing pier area.

adult fishing pole | kids fishing pole

extra deco pilings

Here we've got a deco piling with a little birdie bath on top and an anchor leaning up against it, and also a plain piling to fill out the look on your pier.

birdbath piling | plain piling

working baseball bat

BNJ made this and it's offered here with permission.  Be sure to put the iff file in your Sims Downloads folder and put all the other files into the GameData/Skins folder for this object to work properly.

BNJ Baseball Bat

Let's Play Ball Bleachers

These bleachers are on a 4-rotation base, but alas, they're merely 2 rotations as I did not make them in a 3D program but rather drew them by hand.  Don't set them too close to something behind... as shown they work fine though.  Mind that you can place on top of each other or walk though.

download bleachers

Let's Play Ball Bats

Bats for leaning up against things around the ball park. Finish off the nice look by getting a bat your sims can actually pick up and swing from BNJxLVR's hacked stuff page 2.


download bats

Let's Play Ball Bases

Rotate the base to make it either a normal base
or the home plate shape.

download bases

Big Kiddie 3x3 Playpool

This is the large version of the kiddie pool.  There
is a small one tile version at my yahoo group and it has
a duck in the water along with the ball so you can easily
tell them apart.  You can also get the duck separately at my yahoo group on the dollhouse base to put inside the pool as shown.  Click pic to see enlargement.

big kiddie 3x3 playpool

Semi-transparent Water Puddle

This puddle looks nice around the playpool and is transparent enough that it looks good on most any
surface, grass, concrete flooring or even wood.

water puddle

bowling lane tiles

Two 1x1 4-rotation "rug" tiles that you
can use to create your bowling lane and markers
right on the lanes available from
Colorized Sims.

2 tiles in one zip file


Cloned from dollhouse.
So can be played with by one sim or can be a group activity.  The playpool that matches the big pool is at my yahoo group.  See link on OBJECTS menu page.


pool b-ball

Cloned from dollhouse.
Action is "check net" so your sim enjoys checking
the net is ok on this and can be group activity.

pool basketball hoop