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I'm playing Sims 2 again... 2021 and loving it!

I am playing Sims 2 again thanks in large part to player/creator sunrader of sunrader sims.  Drop by her tumblr or youtube if you want to be inspired to get back into the Sims 2, the best iteration of the franchise in many people's opinion.  It's hard for me to pick one cuz I love them all for different reasons... well okay, for Sims 4, it's only a "Like".

I just made this pretty family tree for Brandi.  It includes Angela's family because her and Dustin are pre-engaged!



If you have a Sims downloads site please grab a link graphic from my FAQ page and let people know I'm back!  Too many sites have links to long-gone sites, lets make more links to real sites that still exist!  Don't forget to PM me on a forum so I know about it and can reciprocate!

Plenty of Sims 1 and Sims 2 stuff is still here!
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Happy Simming!

A pic of my balance beams is included in an interview article with Will Wright on GameSpy with a caption underneath that says "The community has generated some incredible content, such as these working balance beams."  How special is that!!

Over the years I've received fan mail, well wishes and lots of love from simmers in over 97 countries world-wide.  It's been really good times and fun.  I have no reason to take this site down - so don't worry about that.  I'd only take it down if nobody was using it, but server stats say otherwise, so continue to enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

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