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You can contact me by clicking the contact link on the menu above for help directly involving my objects or tutorials.  For general help, please see the support links.

Site Statistics

Ever wonder what the most popular downloads are from Sim a Little Dream a Lot?  I love statistics, I love to crunch numbers and think about what they mean.  I find it both interesting and fun.

  • The overall downloads on the site are sitting at 1,485,486 as of January 2013 and that doesn't include before I set up the SQL database of course.  I used to remember what I had before then, but I have long-since forgotten.
  • The site is about 250 MB in size, containing 187 Folders and 3,871 Files
  • Over 100 countries, territories, districts and principalities are being served with well over a decade of uptime.
  • The current number one download on the site is:  (inexplicably) Monkeybars
  • The reason Monkeybars are #1?  I have no idea!  My favorite item I ever made is the Coloring Book and Hopscotch used to be the hands-down favorite download back in this site's heyday, but it has been handily, if oddly, surpassed by the monkeybars.

File Sharing/Permissions
Permissions granted for sharing via forum or email, not on a website.  For cloning or to contact me for any reason, you can contact me via forum PM.  At Ezboard or TSR I'm daydream58.  You may also post a private note at my yahoo group or at the official EA site you can leave a guestbook message to DeedeeDaydream.  You can also PM me at the official SimPE forum user name Deedee, but don't do this to get help with my SimPE tutorials!  There is a forum for asking for help with those here.

Object NFO
My object file names and zip files usually start with the letters SEDD.  If you're downloading empty zips it's something you are doing as none of my zips are empty.  Most likely you're somehow stopping the download before it's complete or using some kind of download manager that is doing so.  Thousands of people have these files who got them without problems so don't jump to the conclusion that there's anything wrong with the files because there isn't.

Sim Categorizer
My Sims1 objects were for the most part TMOG'd with ALL expansions installed (excluding Deluxe or Double Deluxe) and categorized for all expansions up to and including Makin' Magic and have their thumbnails generated.  However, this is not guaranteed.

Magic Cookie
My Sims1 objects may or may not have a unique magic cookie number assigned to them as the Sims Community has serious magic cookies issues.  I have however been using one for the last couple of years, so that should cover everything on this site I believe.  I use 16F4 so that would cover 5876, 71412, 136948, 202484, 268020, 333556, etc. as well because you just add 65536 to each successive number because cookies over 65536 are really not unique cookies. They're unique numbers but they're NOT unique COOKIES.

I have never been notified that a Sims1 object of mine was causing an ID conflict.  So far so good, but incase this happens to you, please read on.

If you have an ID conflict with any of my Sims1 objects, you can very easily fix it yourself by using the Sims Object ID program which you can get here or here.  Another program that will give you a new ID by way of changing the cookie portion of the ID would be of course the TMOG program.  If you're going to use the Sims Object ID program, you just do a scan for duplicate ID numbers and delete your duplicate objects first off.  Set it up so the report files go onto your desktop so they're easy to find.

Then you can double click the non-duplicate objects (for multi-tile objects remember each tile has it's own ID number so make sure you're changing the one that is causing the conflict carefully) and note the MIDDLE FOUR numbers.  Raise them by one or just change them, you can usually change them to about anything you want (as long as it's in hex) and it will probably be fine.  You'll know either way if you just do another search afterwards.  Your old files will be backed up with a .000 extension, so after you make sure everything's okay, you can delete those.

Sims1 Objects of mine with the cookie value of 16F4 show up in the edit programs backwards, so for instance in Object ID as F416.  NOTHING IN SIMS IS EASY FOLKS!

If you're going to use TMOG to get a unique ID number assigned to each tile of your conflicting object, just make sure all of your downloads are in your SIMS folders so the numbers TMOG generates are unique for what you have at hand. What is unique for you is not necessarily by any means unique for someone else!  It all depends who's objects you've got!  Some very popular sites to this day do not use magic cookies, so this conflict can happen to anyone at any time.  It has nothing to do with the object being "bad" it's simply a combination of numbers that need to be unique.  You can just clone anything that needs a new number and delete the old one.  Nothing to it.  I prefer to use Object ID though.

If you need general help playing Sims or using programs like Object ID, you can ask questions and get instructions at the TSR Forum.  There are lots of people there who are ready and happy to answer questions.  For quick Sims2 help try TSR's Sims2 forum or MTS2 support forums on for size.

Looking for a nice FREE utility to unzip RAR files?  Try this one here.

Love at First Site
The first sims site I ever remembering seeing was Simposium, specifically the page for the Oak & Granite Kitchen.  My mind was blown, I still remember the look on my face when I saw it and even then I still didn't understand that I could actually HAVE that, download it and have it in my own game.  As it slowly dawned on me, I couldn't believe how lucky I was!  I must have run into a link for it somewhere, but I have no idea where.  Just glad that I did.

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Ultimate Sims List and Simsational Votes


See Ultimate Sims Hot List on Wayback Machine

I was neck and neck with Pronupsims for the top spot for many years but I think when someone insisted they switch me from "free" to "per item" I lost all my count.  Someone (no idea who, I stayed out of it) argued on my behalf, saying that technically everything on this site *is* free, it's only ENHANCEMENTS to two items that are donation, not the items themselves, but to no avail.  Even so I was in the top 5 for literally years and then the top 10 for ages even after I quit creating for the original The Sims and started creating for Sims2 - which continues to be where most of my traffic to this day comes from due to unique content in my Sims 2 area.

But whatever - I know thousands of votes were freely and spontaneously given, and the voting was never hidden in my navigation system or anything sneaky like that.  So thank you so much for all those votes!  I was absolutely blown away by the response from my users who voted.  I really and truly was!  xoxo!!

Community Bullshit Detection


No, thankfully I was not caught up in ANY of the DRAMA, in fact I had no idea any of it was even going on at the time as I was busy making stuff or doing stuff IRL offline... but it sure is fascinating to read about!

Sims1 Best Object Site - May 2004, from Sim Emmy Awards
Sims1 Best Hacked Sites List - Best of the Net
Sims1 Staff Choice Award - June 2004, Sim Moms Forum
Sims1 Staff Choice Award - September 2004, Sim Moms Forum
Sims2 Site Spotlight - Sept 2005 issue of Simming Monthly

Awards Given
Sometimes a site is such a pleasure and treasure, I just can't help but acknowledge it somehow in some small way, so indulge me that little pleasure.  No nominating, no voting, nothing other than my admiration and thanks.

Magic Sims - August 2004, Best New Site
Simlogical - August 2004, Best Hack Site
Annas Timeless Treasures - August 2004, Best Pay Site

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Linking to Sim a Little Dream a Lot

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