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Project GET OUT!

You know how some sites have a policy about giving them credit if you so much as post a pic with one of their precious objects in it?  Well try this policy on for size... if you have a kid under 18 in your home with a computer in their room, behind closed doors, then I don't want you downloading things from this site.  If it's irresponsible to show someone's work in a screenshot without their precious credit, how irresponsible is it to allow your kids to be hunted in their own bedrooms?

Simmers are relatively innocent on the gamer-innocence scale... let's keep it that way.  If you can't be bothered to protect your children by removing computers from their bedrooms, then I don't think you're responsible enough to download things from me.  Fair enough?


Join Project GET OUT!  now and display the GET OUT! banners next to your downloads.  If one kid is protected because of it, you'll never know one way or another, but not even trying while you whine about credit and other picky little policies on your sims site sure ain't gonna save anyone ever.


Feel free to link to Project GET OUT! with a simple banner instead of recreating the explanation on your site.



SITES displaying the GET OUT! banner

If your site has joined the project, use the contact link on the top navigation bar to let me know and get your site listed here.


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