Lot Spreadsheets

This large spreadsheet lists well over 500 lots PLUS their lot type as well as their size dimensions.  This is a huge list undertaken by a N99 friend of mine named Gail and I'm hosting the file on her behalf.  This file has now been updated to include lots from the latest addon, Roaring Heights, including the Boardwalk venue.  A great help when building worlds to make sure you have all the lots and rabbit holes you need to play a well-rounded game.  Also very helpful to those who download empty worlds in planning your "theme" and look of your new world build.

Download spreadsheet here

Homeworld University

I have my homeworld university working really well right now so I thought I'd post some setup pointers.  Simply downloading a university lot won't get you as full an experience as using these cheats will, not even close in my opinion - because it's not the building that really makes a UNI experience, it's the professor and other students and things working properly. For me this seemed overly complicated as I had to go to several sites for setup tips and sort of compile it all in my head to get going with it all, so maybe getting it all together will make it a tad easier and less intimidating to try out.

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Frasier Paintings

Want to have Frasier Crane living in your Bridgeport or other city?  These paintings from the set will add that extra flair!  Painting 1 to the left I painted myself and painting 2 on the right is a screen shot.

You can learn how I produced painting 1 by clicking here, and to see my Frasier lot, check out my YouTube here.

           Frasier set painting 1    |   Frasier set painting 2

Looking for the Xmas Set?

Sometimes they hide the link to it for some unknown reason
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Sims 3 "How To?" - creating collection folders

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Well I couldn't resist trying my hand on a Sims 3 pattern.  Here's a facsimile of a rather well-known design that I spent many hours slaving over creating vectors and rotating them and lining them up and creating masks and opacity objects and layers and channels until I could barely see straight... but like I said, I sorta couldn't resist having a go.  Hope you enjoy these patterns on any surface, not just clothing.

These are the .package files, not the Sims3pack files, so they go in the Mods folder as described here.